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Thread: Audio Codec For Insomnia Wanted To Know

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    [/QUOTE]could anybody tell me what audio codec the film insomnia uses. gspot tells me it is ac3(0x2000 dolby laboratories) but i cannnot find it anywhere. [email protected][QUOTE]

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    Try install the AC3 codec in this forum which some guy did and it works:

    Or if you want a codec pack which works very good then install the
    K-Lite Codec Pack v1.9 which you can get from here:
    K-Lite Codec Pack
    But uninstall first ALL your old codecs (divx,xvid etc) and then install the
    K-Lite Codec Pack

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    You want AC3 codec? You got it!
    Go here.
    The K-Lite codec pack also comes with the ac3 codec.

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    thanks to all who replied i solved it in 5 min with your help


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