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Thread: Unwanted Software...can You Help Me Out?

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    Hi everyone,
    I have a problem with Kazaa Lite. Awhile ago I downloaded a software program and then deleted it when I didn't end up using it. Now, whenever I open Kazaa Lite, I have 17 software programs in there including microsoft software and porn. I've deleted these every time and they delete fine. But when I close down kazaa and reopen it they're back! :
    Can you help me delete these?
    Thank you!

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    You've got a virus. Download AVG by clicking the word "Security" in my sig.

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    Don't forget to runa Adaware or Spybot. I'd run more than 1 AV as well.

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    Thank you! I appreciate the help.
    I'll go try it out.
    Thanks again!

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    Ad-Aware's been getting pretty crappy lately... try XCleaner.


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