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Thread: Feature Request, Ignore Dat Destination Path

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    There is a problem in kazaa Lite 2.6, latest build (20 I think), when you first start a download and make it a dat file, the path of where the movie is supposed to wind up is put in and called a "dstination path". THis is hard coded to whatever the incoming files folder was at the time.

    Now I moved my dat files to another hard drive so there is room for them (using filemon I discovered that kl2.6 tries to write them to the original location but it doesn't have enough rooomm so it deletes whatever it put there, leaving the original dats where they are). Now I finished them, but kl 2.6 refuses to remove teh dat file info and rename teh file and dump it in my current incoming folder. The dat files are sitting there dead in the incoming folder. I wish there would be something in K loader that checks the "destination path" of each dat file in the current incoming folder and rewrites them to the current directory. Also this can be maybe a seperate exe.

    another solution would be is to use a relative path or a varible inside the file name but that would break compatibility with official kazaa and former KL clients.

    also I thought of maybe patching the kazaa exe for it to ignore the destination path or not check it or for it to internally change/rewrite the destination path to the current incoming files dir without changing the dat file (and not needing k loader to do it before hand) but this may be too hard for you programers to do.

    This is a really annoying problem and it would fix alot of headaches and people who dont know what to do, and they redownload the file wasting network capacity, adn also they wouldn't know to delete the dat file that will never get finished adn that wastes disk space.

    Also as a seperate exe this would be really easy to program, it would be like a batch rename for teh destination path for all the dats in a directory.

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    K-Dat does this. And development issues belong in that section.


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