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Thread: Online Games Cdkeys!@

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    SoMeone can tell Me how can i get cdkeys 2 play online GaMes!?!?!
    like ... counter Strike !

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    If you downloaded it then you cant play it online. if you want to play games online then you have to actually buy them, unless you can actually find somebody who is thaaaat stupid to give up their cd-key so someone else that they dont know can play online. goood luck! Oh and next time put this in the requests

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    Where can i find These People ... ?!
    and There Is Another Way To Play Online .. ? Serch in kaaza ?

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    simple answer... you can't.

    every cd key has been tried by thousands of people if you find it online.


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    and lets say u do find some legit cd keys on the net, chances are that thousands of people alrdy found it before u and therefore they're useless.
    i got like 10 hl cd keys but its always in use....

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    You can get Half-Life pretty cheap on eBay, and that will allow you to play Team-Fortress, Counterstrike, and a boatload of other online mods.

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    i dont wanna Buy the gaMe !!!
    how the serial NuMbers works !??! Becuse i can get a free serial nuMbers to anouther gaMes
    , But not online ..
    i cant fake soMe ?!?!?!?!

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    buy the damn game, its enough that you can download a "full" game online but now you want to play online too? don't push it be thankful you downloaded it for free and have the full version. not like others who pay for it


    dont be cheap, buy it on sale

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    well everyone wants to be cheap if there using kazaa lite... lol... why else would ppl download games rather then buy it

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    some of the more popular games have CD KEY generators..
    ice ice baby

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