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Thread: Kazaa V2.6.3

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    Multiple Simultaneous Searches: Searching is now much faster and more efficient. Run up to 24 concurrent searches.
    - Single click 'Download' button.
    - Increased choice, flexibility and simplicity of use while trialing and purchasing songs.
    - Try-before-you-buy option to preview files before buying.
    - Sale of individual files.
    - Magnet Links: Magnet links allow web sites to link directly to files that can be downloaded with P2P technology. This can result in significant savings in online distribution and hosting costs.
    - Kapsules: Kazaa v2.6 introduces the concept of Kapsules - custom digital packaging of multi-file collections. For example, a Kapsule may include music, exclusive footage of live performance, lyrics and images - all of the same band or artist.
    - Channels: Kazaa v2.6 includes the RingTone channel, the Bollywood IndiaFM channel as well as all the popular existing music, games and entertainment channels. What are channels? Channels are websites specially designed for viewing within Kazaa v2.6, giving you direct access to specific downloads and information.
    - New Digital Rights Management Process: Securely wrapped files can now have a variety of different licensing terms - this feature is exclusive to Kazaa v2.6 within the P2P arena.

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    KMD? Who cares?

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    Originally posted by haxor41789@7 April 2004 - 05:00
    KMD? Who cares?
    The developers

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    Originally posted by haxor41789@7 April 2004 - 01:00
    KMD? Who cares?

    Kazaa is getting more and more stable, as well as more and more secure.

    I find no problems with it, except for the spyware, which can be easily removed.


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