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Thread: Linux And My Fav Software

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    I am getting my new comp and wanna put LInux and xp as dual boot op sys's.
    I do not know the first thing about Linux.... Hey I was pronouncing it wrong till the other day lol.
    Anyway I have used 'The Gimp' that is fine and ok I like it... I do a lot of graphics work mostly animation: Freehand, photoshop, Premier, after Effects and flash and also director. Bounce stuff between these Progs.

    When I get Linux up and running am I going to be able to use these software progs ?

    With a 120 gig hdd would these progs have to be installed with Linux on its partition
    and again on the xp partition.

    I know it is kinda a general and basic question but I really do not have a clue and it would help a lot when I decide how big to make the respective partitions...

    I have also heard that the newer versions of Linux are not freindly to software that has been aquired from other than high st Vendors if you get my drift.

    Any help advice most welcome...
    Have a cool Easter

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    Originally posted by trugmolly@7 April 2004 - 05:56
    When I get Linux up and running    am I going to be able to use these software progs ?
    Possibly in Wine. You might be able to find some replacement programs for the ones you use now, check the link in my sig.

    Good luck.

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    For a parition, use parition magic 8 and check This guide for a table of linux equivalents to windows progs.


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