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Thread: Couterstrike Condition Zero

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    Hey, I was just wondering if Couterstrike Condition Zero was worth buying. Is it any good? Right now i've just been playing the old version of counterstrike...version 1.5. What is new in it too besides the single player campains and the obviously better graphics. Thank you for your time. B)

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    Not worth it.....

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    seriously if you already own Counter-Strike they should just give you Condition Zero for free.... its nothing new... just better graphics and yeah...

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    It should have just been a patch. Nothing new, not worth your money. Get it for free; I did from eMule in about a day.

    Why did those greedy bastards make it a standalone game? It doesn’t have anything worthy of the price. It costs as much as any other game; I could get UT2004 for the same price...if I hadn't already downloaded that.


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