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Thread: Making Web Layoutss Using Graphic Programs

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    Ive been looking around at weblayouts and discoverd there made using photoshop.
    For example this guys work is pretty cool
    And i am wondering if there are any other products out there which can do virtally the same stuff as photoshop but much cheaper alternitves.


    I know getting the pirate copy is proberly the easyiest option but please dont tell me to get that!(yet anyway )

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    macromedia fireworks does the same job , and i prefer it cause it link direct with dreamweaver

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    The GIMP. It's free and owns Photoshop's sorry ass.

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    for you to say that the gimp owns Photoshop's sorry ass, shows you lack of understanding of the complexity of photoshop

    the gimp may be easier for noobs to get done what they want, but lacks a lot of the higher end functions photoshop can perform

    im not saying the gimp is crap but it aint in the same league as photoshop or fireworks

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    That just shows you've never "really" used GIMP. It's pretty much the only high-end option on a Linux box like mine and it works.

    I've used Photoshop before (OK, I'll admit it, 2.0 ) and just thought GIMP was better.

    And the best thing is that it comes naked, like Firefox, it's up to you to customize and extend it. With things like Perl-Fu and Python-Fu, you can even go as deep as "coding" your own image.

    I'm sorry, but I just have to disagree with you.

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    Would fireworks or gimp do the job for making somthing like haxor's banner?

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    So with fireworks i could make special effects?

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    Fireworks is not meant for high-end image creation, it's more like an image editor / optimizer for web use. Fireworks and Photoshop are actually two completely different products.

    About the banner, I didn't make it, SharedHolder did, but he doesn't mind.

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    haxor have you even used firworks???

    i use it to create commercial web suites, along with dreamweaver

    it has all the layer and effect capabilities that phoitoshop does + the the optimisation and editing features of image ready

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