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Thread: Corel Designer

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    I'm trying to you-know-what Corel Designer 10 for a friend. I'm supposed to disable a file (easy enough to find), replace an .EXE, then run a second .EXE.

    All goes well untill about 75% through - I get an error message saying the size of .../programs/coreldes115.DLL is incorrect.

    Now, I know I've got the right version, I've followed instructions to the letter... anyone know what might fix this ? Or am I going to have to *shudder* pay ?

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    Just a stab in the dark, but the you-know-what you're using might be for a different build of Designer 10...

    Try finding a different thingummyjig and see if that helps.

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    Alright, I used a second thingy and this one worked better - it said some files may not have been correcty patched, but the "this is a trial" message went away, so fingers crossed

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    1.Why not copy Corel Designer files from cd to your hard drive.

    2.Make a folder were you copy the cd (call it "patch" and copy the "patches" there)

    3 burn the cd again.

    If you want to make it more fancy try making a installer to install the "patches".

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    I don't have a CD

    The beauty of the web : download the trial, be "nice" to it , and I am now greeted by the "this is a registered copy" screen.

    But keep it quiet...


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