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Thread: Windows Xp Home Edition

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    To re-format my pc correctly i need to find a way of causing a Disc Read error when my pc boots up so i cannot get to desktop or anyhting. I cannot so error checking one cos error checker won't go to phase 5.

    Does anyone know how i can do this.

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    This doesnt make sense. why would you need to cause a disk read error to reformat?

    If it wont reformat try removing all the partitions and re-partition the drive and then format.

    Alternatively, you can write over the whole drive with zeros using something like ontrack dataeraser. I had a similar problem before and could only fix it using this method.

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    If there is a disc read error my recovery disc will automatically do the right format i need that gets rid of the problems that occure from any of the 3 selectable formats people can chose from on recovery options.

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    Sounds like you've got a branded box and no XP CD. If this is the case, formatting the HDD will wipe the XP installation files.
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    Get a hold of a bootable windows XP pro cd, you can downloaded it and burn it to cd, boot with it and format your drive during the reinstallation of windows xp. No need for all the other stuff.

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    I only have the Recovery disk

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    yep go to my computer and right click on c drive and choose format, that will give you a big error


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