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Thread: Cd Burning Software

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    My hard drive recently crashed and I'm in the process of restoring everything after getting a new one. I had been using J. River's Media Jukebox 8.0 for all of my music management and burning. For those of you that have used this software is it the best out there? If not, what's better? I don't want to spend a lot of money.

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    someone can pm you a keygen before your 30 day trail is up

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    Thanks. I take it a keygen is a password that will allow me to continue to use the software without paying for it. If so, I'd appreciate someone sending me one.

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    Actually, that would be just a key. Keygen generates keys....

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    There are copys of easycd/dvd on kaz with the number seems good for music or nero i have both O.E.M copys of nero are very cheap to buy as no dvd with them


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