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Thread: Username Same As Forum Name

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    corby northants uk
    i have been reading some post on this forum about how to filter out fake and dud files..many people rightly say use the verified and hashes avipreview etc...which all do work however would it not also work if used our forum names when we go to kazaa and download files etc???
    i do my user and forum names are the same and i have no dud files

    this way if we see the forum names then we can all be sure to get a good file and not some crappy dud???

    i know there is over 11,000 members difficult to know everyone but at least it would be a start???

    sorry if this is in wrong room or has been posted before

    if it has then any mod can close or delete post if they do so can you plse tell me where any other thread on this matter may be???

    :-" :beerchug:

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    I'm MagicNakor...I'm not creative enough to come up with a bunch of user names.

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    Shinigami or OneShinigami for me

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    Congrats on the new status Shinigami!

    I use the default username - consider myself a bit of an advertising exec

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    I don't use the same name because I use my girlfriend's connection... so it has to be 'stacymouse' since it's her K-Lite.

    I don't have a 'net connection on my PC .

    It's a good idea to use the same names as on the board though - no-one's going to cancel a download from Random Nut or the like, are they?

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    i use to use my forum name tell my peerguardian and my firewall started going into over time blocking ips connection i first thought it was random tell i change names and had no hits but as soon as i went back to my forum name there it went again so i had no choice but to let my forum name retire from kazaa because i thinks those company are watchin us on these forums

    p.s i tryed the name change over a few days and i was still getting hit bad my using my forum name


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