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    Changelog :

    Incorrect BitTorrent "connection lost" messages removed.

    Fixed BitTorrent Keep-Alive ping, which allows a connection to timeout as usual.

    Fixed BitTorrent download request range - Shareaza will no longer request overlapping ranges.

    BitTorrent download/upload request order changed.

    The Shareaza installer was upgraded to NSIS 2.0 Final.

    Shareaza no longer sends eDonkey2000 "request callbacks" via UDP.

    Fixed 'eDonkey2000 extended request' to aid compatibility for different extended request versions.

    Fixed eMule .42+ compatibility bug by adding 16 bytes of CMD4 to payload of ed2k "StartUploadReq" packet.

    Fixed bug where Shareaza changed skin/language settings on install.

    Fixed bug where Shareaza deleted toolbar configuration on install.

    Fixed a bug where Shareaza would crash upon an invalid GWebCache URL.

    Added extra throttles to outbound QKR packets, to reduce hub bandwidth usage.

    Enacted compact metadata (without URIs) in Q2 and QH2 Packets.

    Removed 'ACK' flag from QKR and QKA packets over UDP.

    Removed X-TigerTree-Path header, Shareaza only uses THEX by default.

    Shareaza now caches QKR/QKA packets on both hub and leaf nodes.

    Shareaza is now more compatible with IIS 6.0.

    Shareaza will now re-add discovery services if the internet connection is lost, and connections to caches are removed.

    Shareaza now does not use the Start Menu directory as its working directory.

    Added support for Gnutella X-Alt headers.

    Added a significantly higher query throttle (for GWebCaches) - reducing accesses to them.

    Changed GWebCache query decision logic to cut down on unnecessary cache accesses.

    Shareaza now decodes multiple URNs on a single X-Content-URN line.


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    Yes, a tiny glitch slipped through the net in this one that should be patched by breakfast. Sorry about that folks.

    Its just transfers between this version that don't work but possibly between earlier leaked alphas after - Always a good reason not to use leaked alphas.

    I decided to pull this because if everyone upgraded, with the default settings you everyone wouldn't be able to transfer.

    For those that already have the current release: Things will improve slightly for you if you go into Tools->Settings->Downloads and UNCHECK Only download and upload to networks which are connected.

    Users of are not affected by this bug, and can download from people already using the new release (They just can't download from eachother).

    Just wait a few more hours

    EDIT: a NEWER version is out ( now: link


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