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Thread: About Piracy

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    my friends,we have been all summoned hereth forth to rip big ass companies off their money and kill their business for good.

    or so the RIAA thinks.
    what i think is that we're not hurting the companies that much,i mean look at the facts.

    you bought your computer.
    you pay for your ISP.
    you payed for CDs that you burn the music and other stuff on.
    you payed for your burner.

    and most likely when you download music you have atleast one or more albums of the supported him by watching his video clip on mtv with the cable TV you payed for.

    same goes for movies,you usualy go to the movies to watch the movie and then download,if not then you seen all the other artist's movies and from the same company.

    personaly,i download music from games like final fantasy and others.
    basicly im downloading the music i already bought cuz i have most of the games i downloaded the music for.if i didnt then how would i be able to know the name of the soundtrack?

    dispite the fact that also most of the stuff i download(music) are remixes by fans who just give it away to us other fans.

    for stuff like tv shows like undergrads and dbz and others,i already watched them just a mil times,and the companies have the profit from that.
    i mean,i have this ATI wonder tv card which allows me to record shows from tv and whats the diff if i record it or download it?

    hostly,i think the things we buy and things we download create a balance,70$(CAN) for a game is just too much,so why not get something more from those 70$ and get the FMVs from the game on my comp to watch them,or listen to the music this game has all the time.

    i dunno about you,but i waste alot of money on games and movies i buy.

    meh,i think i got my point across.

    cy@@@ people and argue.

    \\// B)
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    If i could wave a magic wand this is how I wuld design filesharing this way...

    I would only share music that I had legally purchased...If i download new music I would not share this nor burn copies...however I would listen to it to determine if I liked it enuf to buy the whole album or find some greatest hits version or on some type of compilation album or else send a buck a song directly to the artist.That way artists are not being ripped off and i get exposed to new music that I might not otherwise know about. I can then burn just differnt mixes of music for my own enjoyment....No one loses this way...but for it to work everyone would hafta only share music that they have actually purchased... The things u pointed out about paying for cable and watching ads and stuff doesnt mean that the money is making it back to the artist like it would if u actually bought said cd..same with movies..alot of stars have interest in the gross sells of tickets and dvds of movies..they dont get anything from TV's not trickle down...doesnt exactly work that way..Now there has been a plan to create an account from a fee added to blank media..cds and the like and have that split up among the bodies governing be distributed like stock dividends to all artists concerned...wish they would do that

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    actually I am using school computers with a 120 gig USB harddrive 10mbs Broadband!

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    screw all the rich bastards; I'm taking what's rightfully mine................



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