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Thread: Newbie Hacker!

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    Kaiser VIII, the newbie hacker man

    Read the posts, it's quite funny lol!

    First he trys to use a disquised name: Mr.XXXxxxXXX rofl...

    Then, he actually replies to the message with his real name (Kaiser VIII)

    His signature was edited by the admin (admin made it say something revealing lol)

    People already! post bad comment about it..

    Then as a final note: the admin says the ip was the same on each damn name ( I mean, he does'nt even use mirrorip, cookie block, or someone elses computer to post the with the Mr.XXX (secret) name hah)

    Just shows...If ya wanna be a good hacker, PLAN THINGS OUT.

    Note: This game Xenimus is an RPG.
    Kaiser was trying to steal gear from a guy named Zen.

    here are some other posts of struggled attemps kaiser has to keep his mr.XXXxxxXXX ID a secret:

    um..and the main page for the board may get some new posts

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    LOL thatz actually funni... same ip! hahaha

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    Lots of ppl like that

    There was once a forum i was posting in with an infamous spammer named zealy. He was pretty good hacker and all, and always made new names when he was banned and new IPs... until the forum went down. So we all went to a new forum and it seemed like zealy didn't know about it - until we saw a post "MUHAHAHAHA!!! I found all you little motherf*ckers!" or something like that, and then the admin checked out the IP of this new user and his IP was identical to one of the regulars on the forum! The regular didn't even care to hide his IP before trying to impersonate zealy... bleh.


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