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Thread: Confirmed Filesizes

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    hi, i used to go to a site where there was a list of file sizes that had been checked by someone already so that when i downloaded i knew i was downloading the correct file and not one that some idiot had renamed for the hell of it.

    the site shut down for ages and came back online recently but for some reason i haven't been able to get back into it or rejoin, something always goes wrong.

    so, are there any other places i can see this kind of thing?

    any help would be apreciated, thanks guys


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    What was the name of the site?
    If it's sites with sig2dat links you want, then I'm sure there are still many of those around, try looking on google for some. I think they will have lists of file sizes as well, although I haven't looked on them for a while.

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    Just because the filesizes are the same doesn't mean it's a working file. Because of FastTrack's brain-dead hashing system, one user with a corrupt file of the same size can kill the download.


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