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Thread: Scarface Dvd Question...

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    Ok, from what I've heard, old movies are filmed in "Open Matte" format, or Full Screen as its well known (and hated).
    Scarface is a pretty old movie....20 years old to be exact. So, since Wide Screen is the perferred choice of DVD buyers, would it be wrong to buy the Full Screen version?
    I mean, if it was shot in Open Matte, the Full Screen version it is the orginal version....right?
    I have the Full Screen version, but right now Im in the process of changing my Full Screen DVDs to Wide Screen, but old movies are meant to be viewed in Full Screen, since they were shot that way.
    Stanley Krubrick's films, for example, were shot only in Full Screen and were meant to be viewed that way....
    So, what Im saying is, Scarface is the only old movie on DVD I own, and since its filmed in Open Matte, is it worth changing it to Wide Screen, or should I keep the one I have now?

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    wide screen is better ppl don't realize the difference in what gets cropped off the sides

    I remember they changed harry potter to full screen and had to re release it coz the kids hated black bars

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    Yeah...I know its better...its just that old movies were filmed in Full Screen format, and when it comes to buying old movies on DVD, buying the Full Screen version is what the director intended the audience to see.

    Movies nowadays are different, though.....

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    i downloaded this movie off kazaa lite once, it was wide screen. Old movies are shown in widescreen too. I watched the full screen version and alot of good parts are cut off.....


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