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Thread: I-glasses

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    Anyone know where i can get a pair of these for around $500

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    I-glasses? What exactly is it? Or do you mean eyeglasses?
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    You mean 3d Glasses?

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    looks like it'll be bad 4 ur eyes

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    Originally posted by freak@10 April 2004 - 01:01
    lol something like this....
    Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!
    newayz, i think you're talkin bout glasses with built in monitor....... try contacting your local arcade for 2nd hand or something...... cause those things are REALLY expensive (if you want a good set), aside from the fact that theyre really heavy and kinda useless..........
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    The site still works for me. but the new ones are light and can find a pair for around $700

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    The site was working for me... but this is what you want. Plus I saw some 3D ones in there.
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    does anyone know if i can trust that site???

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    there u go probley crap only 50

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