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Thread: When Clicking File In Kazaa Quicktime Opens

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    I'm having a problem playing the music files in the Kazaa Player. Everytime I click a file in Kazaa to play in the Kazaa Player, Quicktime pops up and starts playing it instead. Is there a setting that I have to change to fix this? Thank you!

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    Thank you. I have done this. But for some reason, it still will not play in the Kazaa Media Player. The title of the song will show in the window of the player but it still will not play. Grrrrrrrr

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    is it an MP3? does it play OK in WMP or Mplayer2.exe (WMP v6.4) ?

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    you suck at installing programs and setting file permissions
    watch carefully when you install stuff, read instead of clicking

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    Damn shame dg_mortal left...

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    Yes, they are all Mp3's. And they do play in the Windows Media Player with no problems. The only problem is the Kazaa Player. Thanks!

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    thats wierd since kazaa uses windoze media player to run the theatre. . .
    make sure you don't have kazaa theater muted, or turned down.
    click the lil speaker icon and raise the volume and make sure the mute option isn't enabled.
    if that doesn't fix it, load a video in kazaa, and right click on the screen while it's playing and go to "properties>volume" and see if there is a check mark where it sez mute, uncheck it if it is, then try a mp3.
    if that dont fix it, reinstalling WMP should.

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    Thank you for your help, Vargas! You were right, I had to reinstall the WMP and that did the trick.


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