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Thread: Partially Downloaded Bt File On Hd

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    I saved a partially downloaded file from BT in the wrong location, and now I can't delete it. Windows says that file is in use and won't let me delete it.

    I think I may have tried to rename it, and now it won't let me access the file anymore. I tried to uninstall BT and reboot, but it still won't let me delete it.

    I can't delete this file in Safe Mode either.


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    What client are you using?
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    This could be a windows bug (ie not bittorrent related at all). Windows explorer tries to create little samples of all media files, if an avi file is corrupt (eg an incomplete dload) the program that is trying to create the sample hangs and u can't delete the file.

    quoting myself from a previous post
    All you have to do to fix this problem is delete the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClassesCLSID{87D62D94-71B3-4b9a-9489-5FE6850DC73E}InProcServer32

    This prevents explorer from loading shmedia.dll which is used to provide you with properties of AVI (DivX) files. My understanding is that due to the way DivX files are encoded, XP has trouble collecting the properties and gives you the file in use message when you try to delete them.
    Or alternatively theres instructions at

    I think the first reg change stops explorer loading shmedia.dll for more than just avi files, but since its really only avi files that cause problems you might not want to do this so the second thing may be better...

    or you could use a (better) alternative to windows explorer eg (personally i reckon the final release before the alpha is the best).

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    download xcleaner ...there is a shredder in it..just drop the file in there and it will destroy it for u

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    Thank you for responding. I am using Shadow's 5.8.11 version.

    My file however is not an AVI file. It is an executable file (.exe). Its file size is 0kb.

    I tried to delete it with the free xcleaner, but xcleaner cannot access it either. Norton Wipe Info tools cannot access it either.

    I had the same problem with IEDriver.exe, a spyware. I was able to delete it by deleting it in the registry. I was able to locate it in the registry because it was under the same name IEDriver.exe. Furthermore, I got the location in the registry from a webpage that showed where and how to remove it in the registry.

    For this unknown .exe file of mine now, I don't know what program is accessing it in the registry. I can't find it in the registry, so I can't delete it in the registry.

    So I am wondering if it is possible to find out what program in the registry is accessing a specific file that I want to delete in the harddrive so I can end the access process and delete the file on the harddrive.

    I can try to delete the registry for loading infos on AVI files, but this isn't an AVI file and I still want to see infos of AVI files though.

    I can reinstall Windows, but not for this little problem that doen't even take up any room.


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    Delete it from the DOS prompt, that should work

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