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Thread: Need Some Reccomendations....

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    I need DVD reccomendations on the following genres:

    Martial Arts
    Hip Hop Concerts and stuff....

    Heres my DVD wishlist:

    Rate it if you want. Lemme know what you think....I dont care.
    Its mostly comprised of anime, so I want good reccomendations other than anime titles, although more anime title reccomendations are welcome.
    I just want to expand my list so I can have shit load of good DVDs to buy soon....

    Oh, another thing...when it says OUT OF PRINT under a certain DVD, does that mean that its not being produced anymore, or is Amazon out of stock?

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    From what I understand, Out of Print titles usually refers to dvd's that are not being produced any longer by the publisher or whomever may be releasing them. Your best bet is to scour second-hand stores and what not for those titles.
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