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    I have at the moment 2 wireless pic network cards. I have an ad-hoc wireless network set up between the 2 machines.

    I bought a linksys wireless g adsl gateway 2 share the tinternet.

    However, i cannot get it set up to connect to the internet on either pc. I am unfortunately using AOL 9 with a 1mbit bb connection. (Sorry)

    I take it i now cannot have an adhoc network?
    if the gateway is wireless, do i need to connect the ethernet cable?
    Anybody know how to set it up, i have followed the guidelines but it doesnt work.

    Why do these things seem so easy at 1st? (i dont need that answering&#33


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    you plug in the an ethernet cable from your dsl modem to the wan port on your router\gateway.

    then im not sure how wireless cards work but i guess you just put it in the pc and start up.

    now type into your web browser (might be a different number for your router, check manual) then it will prompt for a username and password. the username and password will be found in your manual. for mine it was:


    once your into the setup their way be a wizard that you can run, or you might just have to go through the pages.. somewhere youll find internet connection settings that will say something like:

    dynamic IP address
    Static IP address
    PPP over ethernet

    I think youll want PPP over ethernet, also may be called PPPOE...then ther is a bunch of info you gotta enter in which you should have got from AOL.

    good luck.

    oh and btw, once youve set this up once you wont have to set it up again...


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