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Thread: Green Code.. And Then ...

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    I recently joined Bit Torrent and the yellow code/slow download speeds ensued because I use a router. So I changed the bitt torrent port range to read 1230 which matched the port I opened on my computer.

    The first file I downloaded after this was an episode for the TV series the Shield. I got a Green code and the download begins flying. However all of the following downloads I've tried have come up yellow or blue code with the slow speeds.

    What gives?

    Why did the first file I download after changing ports come up Green/high speeds but the rest of my attempted downloads are showing yellow?

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    1 open port one green torrent
    need to open more ports
    you should open 6881 to 6889 but as long as you know how to change what ports the client looks for than open what ever ports you want I guess, but like I said the default is 6881 to 6889
    that will allow you 9 green torrents, any more and you'll get a yellow unless you open more

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    O.k. thanks and I follow what youíre saying.

    However at present I canít change the router port opening from 1230.

    So I set the bit-torrent to read: 1230 through 6999. Which I assume means if I download one file at a time I should get the green code/fast speeds.

    Yet when I try this Iím still getting the yellow or blue codes.

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    Well it looks like the Star Trek (first season) is downloading at warp speed so I guess I might have to play around a bit more.

    Question: If others have their Bit Torrent set up to default parameters. And Iíve got mined 1230 through 6999 can I still access them even though their port set up doesnít include the 1230 range?

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    the ports must match ie if you've opened ports 1230-1240 on the router and 1230 - 6999 on the program its only the 10 that match that will work. If you only have 1 port open on your router, you will only be able to get 1 'green' download at a time. 1 port = 1 download, and like i said its only the ones that match that count towards this.

    I think there will be (are?) bittorrent programs that will allow multiple downloads through 1 port, i know its on shadow's to do list for his new client, but i don't know if he's done it yet.

    yes u can still dload from others no matter what ports you use.

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    In a weeks time I should be able to change the settings in the router which my laptop is connected to the Bit Torrent default numbers and this should solve the problem.

    Again thanks for the help!!



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