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Thread: Mozilla Firefox

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    I'd like very much to be able to run firefox from my pen drive, with all extensions bookmarks and history also stored there, rather than in my documents/application data. It is possible to simply unzip firefox to my pen drive, but every time i run it, it creates a new profile on what ever machine i am running it on.

    I found this on the mozilla forums, and wondered it someone might explain it to me, step by step. I don't understand the mention of sandbox, or of batch files.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Hey.. that sounds pretty cool. I'd like to eventually do the same thing.

    To begin with, how to install FF on a USB drive is clearly explained step by step in this post by Walter K.

    What else I managed to grasp:

    The batch file (aka .bat) should be run from a command line to create and write the user's profile and bookmarks.htm to the USB drive. Attempting to run the batch file from within windows will break something in the code, causing it to fail.

    Once the .bat has created the profile folder etc, it then starts up Firefox and you should be good to go.
    Always use the .bat to start FF, because using the firefox.exe on the USB device, will:
    a. not work at all, or..
    b. erroneously create the user profile on C:\... which is exactly what you don't want.

    So, the batch file is essentially a wrapper for the firefox.exe, much like RN's K++ was for the Kazaa client.

    Oh yeah.. and here is's definition of "sandbox"

    Good Luck...


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