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Thread: Dat Files Not Converting

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    i don't know if this has been covered yet, but i will post it anyway

    if you are having problems (i had this problem) having your .dat files convert to the file they are supposed to be, be it you changed HDD of whatever and moved you .dat fiels and the old folder/Drive is no longer there. the .dat file does not conevert but just sits there in your DL folder completed but not being able to be open by Win Media Player...

    heres what i did and it works

    open command prompt(you know the old DOS thing)
    go to the folder where the pesky .dat file is at

    i will now give and example that i had

    i open this file with avipreviewer and found out it was the movie Heat
    i remember that it was supossed to be a .avi
    so in the command prompt i typed
    copy download1046849830650590800.dat Heat.avi
    now you have to wait depending on your processor spped, and how much RAM you have
    i have a 950 mhz and 512 MB RAM, took this file about 2-3 minutes to convert it

    now you can do this with any file that is a .dat and convert it to what ever it is suppoesd to be, you just have to remember the extention and the file name

    hope this helps someone


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    I use a nifty little prog called dat renamer. It's the shit.

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    Will have to try that, thanks for the tip.

    (you know the old DOS thing)

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    I think

    rename download1046849830650590800.dat Heat.avi

    Will work a bit better and faster

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    Originally posted by Paul@12 March 2003 - 13:18
    I think

    rename download1046849830650590800.dat Heat.avi

    Will work a bit better and faster
    ya it works cuz once i had a same prob but it was with the zip file and i knew that this file is a winzip file so i renamed it to blah and done .

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    You don't need to get in command prompt....unless you have XP and for XP there are windows-based program's to do the trick


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