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Thread: For Xp Users

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    Alright guys this is really strange. When i open "my network places" with win' xp , i find things that should not be here . Vague so here is an example: "shared documents on cinthia's computer". Sound like a newbie question? NO. every cuople of days these suckers appear in there. Sometimes 2 or 3 , sometimes 15 !! There will be all different ones. Shared doc's on so&so's family computer shared doc's here or there. WTF ?? They are not of my doing . the links have just been appearing in there . Its freaky . When i try some of them sometimes i go places sometimes not. They are definetely shared folders over the internet ,however they got in there. Any1 experince this b4? Any takers?

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    Can't say I've come across this type of problem before. Windows XP does have a facility for automatic searching of networks, but thats normally for things like printers etc.

    This is definatly coming from the internet? It's not just seeing shared folders from a network you maybe on? If your on a network check the C: drive properties, open My Computer and right click on C: then click on properties at the bottom, then on the fourth tab called 'Sharing' and have a look at how it's set up. The other thing I think you need to check is whether or not you have Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop ticked. Right click on My Computer then on properties then on the tab called Remote. If anthings ticked in here un-tick them. There's also information in here about what they do.

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    No i am not on any network other than cable internet service so it has to be coming from there. As for remote assistance I understand what it is and it is dissabled. Thx for your reply however but my prob continues.

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    Do you have any firewall other than the built-in one?

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    Could it be that you are getting hacked but instead of damaging your computer the hacker is trying to share his documents with you?

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    Do you have a wireless network hub? because some wireless networks can be very widespread and you may be logging on to your neighbours computers, or even your neighbours neighbours? I tried this once with our wireless network but somehow they found out and they put encryption on everything so i cant access it anymore, but it was funny while it lasted.

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    If more than 1 person use's your computer then yes, yes they should be there

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    If you have Microsoft networking enabled, XP creates "Shared Documents" folder (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents) and shares it by default. The Folders you see in my network places are the shared folders of users on the same subnet as you (maybe with the same ISP). To disable networking Right click My Network Places -> Properties, Right click your connection -> Properties. Uncheck "Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks".

    Let me know if this helped

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    I reckon jamesandpie is close to the mark. This happens to me on my uni network - basically every now and then the shared folders of people who live in the same block as me appear in my shared folders space. You must be connecting to some sort of local network, and the only plausible explanation would be people in your neighbourhood on the same service provider as you.

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    Both cable and wireless are unsecured systems. I use cable but have a router and a software firewall. I also have 4 comps on a little LAN and XP does by default make shared folders on each comp that I never chose to share. It's a default setting. I never use them. I make my own sharing folders.

    Are the folders your speaking of folders that you recognise but didn't intend to share or are they totally unknown to you? If they are no where on your, or another comp in your house, then you are connecting to other people's houses in the neighborhood. This is not a good thing. People who don't know much about comp's have no idea how wide open that makes them to tampering. Cable connections and wireless will both do this. Basically, it makes you a LAN with access to each other's folders. VERY BAD.

    Buy a router with a firewall or get zonealarm. If you feel like it, you can even make a text file telling the other people that you can see thier files and that they should get a firewall and copy it into each mystery folder that pops up. That tends to wake people up to the risk of being so open.

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