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Thread: Question & Problem With Vb

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    Im doing a program for college.

    I have the following setup..


    & frmBooked.

    (with txtName and cmdOrder)

    In frmBooking I have txtName ( a text box)

    What I want to do is, when the user puts there name in txtName and clcik order, I want it to display there name (or what ever they inputted into txtName on frmBooked.

    Does anyonw know how it can be done.

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    No one knows or has a idea. What the hell, this place has gone down himm so bad. Used to get a fast reply, or someone helping.

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    More details on what you're using?
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    you need a label

    make a label and call it lblInput, or somthing along those lines

    then make your order command do this:

    lblInput.Caption = txtName

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    I really can't remmeber any VB, but in the code for frmBooked can't you say something like


    to get the text from txtName. The forms may have to be declared as public or something, but as i said i really can't remember...

    Edit: I thought you were just having problems getting info between the forms, but i reread it, do you need all the code to call frmBooked or is that sorted?

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    vb sucks. I got a B and never even went to class. I have to take Advanced Visual Basic before I graduate and I bet I pass that too without giving any effort.

    Your question does not make any sense. If your in college then the textbook itself has all the answers. At least mine did, it was by Diane Zak I think. I'm not saying we used the same curriculum, but when I bought my materials for vb a 4 gig dvd came with it. It included msdn libraries,, visual c#, and basically the whole visual studio suite. The msdn libraries alone are enough to pass the course.

    We did our projects in class. Funny thing is your really not even graded on vb projects, since vb pretty much writes all the code for you! All you do is play with the controls.

    I wish I had my book I think I had a similar project. But I sold my book back in the bookbuyback program and kept everything else. It's just that crappy

    I do remember one thing though:

    "Me.Hide & Me.Close that program"

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    It's so true...


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