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Thread: Useful Guides

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    Here are some guides that hold answers to many asked questions.

    If you have any recomendations or guides of your own please pm me

    DVD TO VCD made by BC-UK Will Live

    One Step KVCD Guide made by muchspl2

    B) DVD to DVD-R made by Adster B)

    Sources, Formats And Scene Tags <span style='color:red'>made by {I}{K}{E}</span>

    Guide for .tar, .rar, .r01, and .001 files made by {I}{K}{E}

    :beerchug: How to Convert To Mpeg taken from VCD/ :beerchug:

    If you can&#39;t find what you need here then why not:

    -SEARCH for it

    Look for it on VCD/

    If that fails then you can always post a question asking for help

    Hope this helps some people.

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    check the pinned topic.

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