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Thread: Codec Pack

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    when i try to play a downloded DiviX movie in powerDVD or Kazza theater player i can see that it is playing on the time line but i get no picture or sound can someone tell me what i need to do. have got an old version of Divx 5.0.5 do i need to uninstall this and dowload the newer version, or just download the codec pack of Kazza then can someone tell me what to do,

    Thanks Steve

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    Yep.Uninstall the divx.Double click the the codec pack,install.Done.

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    have loaded new version of codec pack and can now preview films before they are fully downloaded but still no sound is there anythink i need to do to get the sound to play at the same time or do i have to wait till the whole of the film is downloaded

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    try videolan its works for everything

    and get gspot

    and check what audio codec its using , prob its ac3 dvm , i find its always that one that causes problems

    if it is ac3 dvm codec you can download it here

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    have loaded vidiolan but it wont let me preview the part downloded films, when i preview the part film in kazza AVI preview i can see that it is rendering the video and audio butin the tool bar on the right it only shows the video am i doing somthink wrong


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