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Thread: Help Needed.

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    I have download a 700MB file of a full game.
    The file is an .exe file. When I try to run it my comp says that there is not enougth memory to load the file(I have 256MB RAM).

    Is it possible that it is a .bin file? and I need to rename it?
    Which burnning software open bins? I saw nero does not support .bin.

    Waiting for reply.
    Thanks in advance.

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    ussally a 700 mb file is a bin or iso check for double file extentions
    eg filename.bin.exe your comp says that there is not enougth memory to load the file it may be refuring to virtual memory right click my computer hit the advanced tab and turn it up and winiso can extract bin's and iso's

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    Nero supports .bin files. Create a data CD and check the "Use Raw Data" option.

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