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Thread: Imperator

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    does anyone have this or know a good swf to fla program?

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    non exist , except for swf decomplier , it does half the job , but you gotta recomplie it your self

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    Disassembler: Flare
    Decompiler: SWF Decompiler

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    ehh anyone got a cracked verison? lol... im too lazy to search... i think i'll use swf decomplier n give it a shot

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    ummm <-- thats the real thing... i tried the demo it works really nicely... except it turns the file into .FLA but without any actionscript... i got a few cracked ones off shareaza but they all wont install... those germans are crazy with their protections... any clues?

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    hi guys .. thank you for informations.. i am looking for imperator too any cracked version.. want to tell you be careful... with those from donky.. they send you special present - virus that is not even detected by norton or pest or any other softwares.. .. if any one got a good version .. could you be kind enough to email me.. i lost all my cds due to robbery .. only my laptop left. .and few swf files i have recovered because i send to friends .. and it is my nearly 1 year work.. in vain.. I am desparate.. as i cannot remeber .. all scripts. .and working on it ..but looks like another few months of work at least.. it was great game.. i was working on.. with virtual reality.. Wish i had money to buy that .. but they even stollen my fridge. ...all i got some hope that be paid soon for my work if i finish soon enough..

    so if anyone can help.. with some news.. i can send you free website.. in flash anyway you want .. or even access to my free tutorials that would be avaliable in June .. cause again i need to re do them..

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    Originally posted by Soul814@10 April 2004 - 16:46
    it turns the file into .FLA but without any actionscript...
    Then use Flare to rip out the ActionScript and put it all together.


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