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Thread: Newbie Movie Searcher

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    I've been using Kazaa++ for awhile now and I moved all my files into another folder thats not being recognized by kazaa++. I can't seem to get any movie files at all to d/l.

    I'd like to try from scratch to use the websites I've learned about (emule,donkey and all those others) but the computerese language sort of confuses me abit.!!

    Can someome please do a simple walkthrough with me to help me figure out what it is I am not doing right!!

    Is Kazaa++ still working.? Verified d/l doesn't seem to be anymore. I know its not a speed issue with me, I am using broadband and my connections are fine.
    Please advise.. thanks..

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    it take a while to find sources if u click on the verified links its better if u click on the link of the file u want 2 d/l and then do a search on the file so it can find sources


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