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Thread: Nero Video/audio Codec?

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    okay, i'm usually pretty savvy about encoding, decoding, and converting media files... but i got these video files with .mp4 extensions that use the Nero Video & Audio codecs (yes, from the company that makes Nero Burning Rom). i can play the files, but i can't get Virtualdub or Tmpgenc to recognize 'em for conversion to other formats. tried googling around, but can't find any info.

    Tmpgenc tries to open 'em with my QuickTime reader, but displays an error and the image is all messed up.

    does anybody know of a Nero decoder or plugin that's compatible with Virtualdub or Tmpgenc?

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    im thinking the riverpast stuff converts mp4 to avi if thats what u want

    try here

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    thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn't seem to be what i need. that program is for Apple's MP4 standard. the files are not playable by the Apple QuickTime player... they definitely use Nero's format rather than Apple's.

    edit: deleted the rest of this message. involved tinkering with MP4UI, Nero Burning Rom, and BeSweet... which provided a bit of insight but didn't solve the problem. just go to my next post further down, for a solution to doing conversions from Nero MP4 to DivX 5.

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    hi man Hope u have it sort'd

    The black screen ,probs with tmp is normaly the environmental settings m8(99%),file.You could try the audio with foobar.Let us no anyway m8

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    *PHEW* i have it figured out now.

    WMP uses Nero's codecs to play a Nero MP4 file (originally created through Nero Recode), but it must be filtered through a more standard mpeg-4 codec if you want to convert it. i dunno if XviD or 3ivx will read the file correctly, but DivX 5 definitely does. neither Tmpgenc nor Virtualdub properly decode Nero MP4 files via DivX 5, but Dr. DivX can do it.

    in order to get Dr. DivX to re-encode AAC audio directly from the Nero MP4 file, an AAC decoder must be installed. CoreAAC seems to work alright. AAC is a patented technology, so none of the unlicensed freeware AAC decoders can be legally distributed in anything but source code form. there are compiled binary versions out there, if you search around though.

    i've got Dr. DivX converting one of these files right now, and it appears to be truckin' along alright. hopefully the resulting DivX file will be synched correctly and all that good stuff. no demuxing is necessary, after all. so... the solution to converting a Nero MP4 file to a more common format that can be played on equipment like mpeg-4 compatible DVD players: install Dr. DivX along with an AAC filter such as

    this is prolly rather useless knowledge for most people to have right now... but if more Nero MP4 files start showing up on fileshare networks, this may be a helpful thread to dig up later.

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    good one then 3RA1N1AC.I maybe could of help'd u more if i had the files myself m8 onlyway i can do things.I havnt botherd messin' with video or anything lately my heads to spaced out atm'.Keep putin everything off i dont want to do anthing man


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