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Thread: Thief Ii And Myst Iii

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    Can anyone provide me with the hashes for Thief II or Myst III.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    There is a request section listed above

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    Unfortunately I don't think there is Thief: The Metal Age on kazaa and I can't find it in stores either. I'm just happy playing with thief 1 but I would like to play the second one sometime.

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    Thanks for your help and sorry about the posting in the wrong area. I've slapped my own wrist...

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    Ive got thief 2 the metal age, the original, havnt got that much space on my hdd to rip them off the cd though, but once i either make some space or get a new hdd, i will post the sig2dats for it, might be a couple of months though, sorry.


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