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Thread: Full Screen Sound Offset

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    Newb question:

    Using the Klite 224 codec pack, when i play an avi in full screen on media player classic the sound gets offset from the vision, but when the avi is played in normal screen mode it is fine.

    The film plays fine in avi preview on full screen mode - but not media player.

    Can anyone tell me what i can do to correct this?

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    yep, dont use media player its lame

    use bsplayer or videolan, and they will work

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    Thanks fo rthe technical reply!

    Have tried using the megacodec pack 1.01 with bsplayer and get the same problem.

    Any more ideas?

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    um how fast is yer comp

    did you unload the other codec pack b4 installing the new one

    did you try videolan

    sorry but without much detail from you its hard to give you a technical answer man
    more detail plz

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    Videolan worked a treat!.

    Humble pie for me and a big fat thanks to you delphin460.

    Still not sure what went wrong before but if it ain't broke no more.......


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