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Thread: Bush Says: Free Broadband Worldwide

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    what comic strip is that?

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    Shut up, i know my english is bad!

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    Where did you get the idea that he was calling for "Free Broadband Worldwide?" Nothing in that comic strip says anything similar to that. In fact, from what your title reads it doesn't necessarily imply anything related to this comic strip at all. The definition of broadband by itself is:

    broad·band, adj.
    Of, relating to, or having a wide band of electromagnetic frequencies

    Not only that but the comic strip does not say that the broadband internet access will be free, nor that it is worldwide.

    Although I will admit, according to the comic strip, since he is calling for Universal Broadband Internet Access by 2007 then the broadband internet will be accessible by every country, planet, or galaxy. In the next statement the author goes on to imply that only Americans should be able to take advantage of this Universal broadband internet. The only way that his statement could hold true is if a president were to take over the universe, name everyplace that has life as America, & then label every creature in the Universe as an American.

    I must say that if I was from mars that I'd want to be called an A-mar-ican. If this is going to get accomplished by 2007, then they better get started.

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    well, it was not me nor aaron mcgruder who made this up, it were the true words of america's dear president. (on the 'universal' point)

    Bush calls for broadband for all by 2007

    and if the whole universe gets free broadband, ALSO the americans will do. He never said that only americans will get free broadband. So not all people will become americans. (A sparrow is a bird, but not all birds are sparrows)

    damn man, if you want to criticize something, do it good.

    the only true thing is, he didnt say 'free' but 'as cheap as possible'

    btw: sorry for my bad english

    Shut up, i know my english is bad!

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    Damn it i miss the BoonDocks,since ive moved to this town full of christian rednecks the comic strips here r the sucky 1's of the pic

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    I know that this is based on an official statement because I read it on Slashdot. I wasn't specifically criticizing you either, more so the comic strip & author. I enjoyed the comic but as I stated before it has flaws. The Universe does indeed include America, but I'd like to point out that I said the author simply implies that only Americans should be able to take advantage of this Universal broadband Internet. The reason being is that I believe the author accidently worded the phrase "Universal broadband internet access," but instead meant "National broadband internet access." That being said I also believe it was his intention, although not directly stated, that only Americans would be able to take advantage of the broadband internet service. Sorry if you took my reply negatively, I wasn't trying to criticize you.


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