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Thread: Torrentstorm

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    i have a serious problem with and i cant figure it out.

    i was getting blue light [under LED tab] last night and very slow speeds (1-2kb/s)
    i left it hoping it would be done come morning since its 97% complete.
    And to my surprise it was not. It was stuck at 97.01% and a black light was showing.

    error reads: Problem conecting to tracker - <urlopen error (10061, &#39;Connection refused&#39>

    my xp-firewall is off, i have disabled zoneAlarmFirewall and i am on a single wireless network and I have direct connection to the internet.

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    Sounds like a tracker went down...

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    remove the torrent then put it back into the client.

    I had the same problem with the new version of torrentstorm. I think you&#39;d be better off going back to 1.1, I did.

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    i guess u were luckier then me as i just tried that as u said. it didnt seem to make any difference.
    its hopeless. i may just delete it all and jst go back to kazaa and stick to what i already know.
    thanks for ur replies ppl.

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    I didn&#39;t really read through the post that well

    "error reads: Problem conecting to tracker - <urlopen error (10061, &#39;Connection refused&#39>"

    means, as said above, the tracker which was tracking the download (keeping track of the people wanting the file and those just sharing it went off line. When this happens no information is being sent to the peers, thus the download will stop until the problem is resolved. There is nothing that anyone can do for this but the person or site running the tracker.)

    Saddly, this does happen

    Try finding a site with a good stable tracker and download the file from there if you can find it. There is a great list of sites at the top of the page.

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    i finally managed to log on to suprnova forum and made the request fo reseed there.

    thanks for the explanation. it does make sense ( considering im new to this)
    and i never noticed those links at the top before.

    take care broken n ricochet.


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