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Thread: Tracker

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    I want to seed a album to some friends, is there a free tracker i can use?

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    I believe that there is a list of public trackers on filesoup.

    However, they really aren't very reliable in my opinion. You might well be better off posting it on some board and just email it to your friend.

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    Get the BNBT TrackPak and then register for
    Ill post links in a minute.

    EDIT: BNBT TrackPak

    If you dont know how to make a torrent, get MakeTorrent. Start it up and go to Classic mode... this is the easiest way. Browse for the file. Go to where it says Tracker: and put in the name you gave your no-ip account and make sure you add /announce to the end of it.
    Then click create. And upload the torrent to your tracker.
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