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Thread: Star Wars Original Trilogy

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    Has anyone downloaded of kazaalite or has the very ORIGINAL trilogy of Star Wars before the Special Editions came out i.e. when Han RIGHTFULLY shoots first etc. I heard they were on laser disc so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I wanna get them before they disappear altogether but I feel I might be too late. Help me Obi Wan... etc!

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    leeferdude's Avatar Walking Dumbass
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    they are at this pawnshop near me on vhs.

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    Originally posted by leeferdude@12 April 2004 - 07:08
    they are at this pawnshop near me on vhs.
    Im sure that was a bunch of help

    I have no idea where to get them off the net, but cant be too hard to find on vhs I guess

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    Cheers. Anyone else??


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