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    You Know wen u upload so sum one how it stop's and start's cos thay finished downloading a bit like 9 or so meg from a 450meg file?

    And wen thay stop for a sec or 2 sum times ppl start downloading from me and then the guy or gal i was uploading to can not finish there download and that sucks.

    Well wen i upload to fileshare eg non KaZaA ppl it dus the holl file in one go start to finish there for the file is dun faster.

    See i make 450meg files so ppl have to download them from me

    So wot i wont to know is? is there a mod or program to make it that i upload files in one go

    thanks cos it sucks wen i am uploading to sum guy or gal and then she stop for a sec and then can not get back on

    My Sex life will depend on you just kiding L L

    Or can sum one make a program to do this
    And a program to cut ppl off if thay download to slow

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    i haven't heard of a program which does this.. when it pause's on ur computer it means you have uploaded what has been requested by them.. so if they need more they will request more.. so chances are you are not the only source they are downloading from. and their download will continue without to much fuss wthout you

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    See all files start sum where and all the files i upload i started them so u can only get them from me to start with cos i Riped the DVD or i pade for the Game you get wot i am saying

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    ok i am going to bed now but i need help on this mater


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