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Thread: Have You Gotten A Currupt

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    not that file inparticular but the bot it's self these fucks allways try to send me somthing i dont ask for instead of what i asked for + i did dl a movie and i couldn't extract it says it didn't exist mabey it's just my luck but i think this bot should be avoided....

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    the bot listed in search results r not updated fast so sometimes they get changed (the bot #) and u get something else when downloading and about corrupted file, never continue ur stoped download from another bot u get corrupted data and if u do then get the corrupted parts from #incomplete server

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    yes! i really agree with that. If you are going to use the resume feature, always get it from the same bot!

    The only time I ever got a corrupted file was when I downloaded Silent Hill3 for Pc. It was about 4 gb? Somewhere around there. I had to resume it soo many times and ended up resuming it from different bots. That was the only reason it was corrupt.

    Stick to one bot and you're good.

    If you don't know if a file is fake or not, check it by going to maybe and seeing if the same file name is the same size as the Mirc one.
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