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Thread: Kceasy 0.11 Released [2004-04-11]

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    KCeasy 0.11 released [2004-04-11]

    I hope most of the reported bugs for 0.11 are fixed now. The change log:

    * Added caching of search result to prevent lockups of main thread
    * Added simple filtering of search results (disabled by default)
    * Fixed crash on cancelling downloads when auto clear was on
    * Added multi selection for search results (disabled by default)
    * Added Pause/Resume/Find Sources for All downloads
    * Made browser start page configurable via config file
    * Fixed problem with uploading from behind NATs (FastTrack)
    * Fixed bug in blocklist updater which could lead to crash
    * Don't share hidden files (giFT)
    * Don't share incoming dir (giFT)
    * Fixed Themes related exception on exit
    * Fixed crash when cancelling downloads
    * Added additional sanity checks to installer
    * Fixed bug which led to crash on download complete when hashing at the same time (FastTrack)
    * Fixed bug which prevented nodes.serve from being created and served correctly (OpenFT)
    * Fixed bug in search node database code (OpenFT)
    * Increased hint display time to 10 seconds
    * Fixed bug which prevented remote host/port from being saved
    * Fixed gethostbyname bug which prevented some people from connecting (FastTrack)

    Get it at

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    Just wondering if this version will actually download files?? Last time it wouldnt even start them even tho you have lots of sources. I hope it does coz if it wasnt for that i would be allready using it.

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    well I reccomend posting any issues that you have in the KCeasy Fourm HERE

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    Cool thanks .
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