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Thread: Effects Of Drugs On Tv Commercials

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    I know i said that i was leaving but i needed to ask a Q in hardware world and i though i will come in here and post this.

    OK, when was the last time you saw a tv commercial about the effects of drugs such as speed, xtc cocain etc.

    The only commercials we see are "dont smoke or you will get lung cancer" and "dont drink and drive cause you will have an accident.

    You never see any adds about drugs.

    why not ?

    I think it would be a really good idea showing the effects of what these drugs do to your body.


    In addition to chemical stimulation, the drug reportedly suppresses the need to eat, drink, or sleep.

    When taken at raves, where all-night dancing usually occurs, the drug often leads to severe dehydration and heat stroke in the user since it has the effect of "short-circuiting" the body's temperature signals to the brain.

    An Ecstasy overdose is characterized by a rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, faintness, muscle cramping, panic attacks, and, in more severe cases, loss of consciousness or seizures. One of the side effects of the drug is jaw muscle tension and teeth grinding. As a consequence, Ecstasy users will often suck on pacifiers to help relieve the tension.

    stasy may cause hyperthermia, muscle breakdown, seizures, stroke, kidney and cardiovascular system failure, possible permanent damage to sections of brain critical to thought and memory, and death.

    All you see is anti-smoking adds.

    FFS kids can get drugs easier than smokes.

    A drug dealer doesnt ask for ID.

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    that episode was hella funny

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    I&#39;ve seen ones on heroin and cocaine quite regularly. And, of course, there&#39;s always the general catch-all advertisements.

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    they are against getting stoned and riding your bike
    when will kids today learn, not to ride bikes stoned

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    There are alot of commercials on ectasy or XTC as you call it. I suppose it depends on where you live and what the broadcasting company thinks will have a greater impact on the majority of users for a particular drug.

    Not as many teens smoke crack cocaine as much as they smoke marijuana or cigarettes so probably the reason you don&#39;t see too many commercials for it.

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    We have an anti-drugs campaign running regularly just now.

    Talk to Frankie is the theme as I recall.

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    is everything.
    Smoking and drinking cause more death, hence get more airtime.

    There are television campaigns against drug use as well though we don&#39;t see them as often. The &#39;Frank&#39; campaign being the most recent, and in my mind a better campaign as it doesn&#39;t go for the shock value of "do drugs and you&#39;ll die" but is an attempt to actually educate people about drug use.

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    According to Dateline, Ecstasy isn&#39;t nearly as bad as the government says it is.
    Aside from the fact that it was, and could be, a extremely useful psychological tool, the study they funded was so flawed that no scientists consider it remotely credible. It doesn&#39;t cause holes in your brain. The initial study claimed that there was a 40% - 80% decrease in the seritonin level in the brain and it was perminant. In the latest, credible study, a few users had a slight decrease in seritonin levels (up to 5%), and the study suggested that it was reversable after a few months of abstinance. Also, the same scientist who did the first study also claimed that using X once could cause Parkinsons. A couple years later he renounced that study because, &#39;due to a labeling error&#39;, he was giving the monkeys Meth not Ecstasy.

    As for deaths caused by Ecstasy, 22 people have died in the last 4 years, and of those 22, only 2 were purely from Ecstasy, the other 20 were on 1 or more other drugs.

    I think Dateline underplayed the risks, (they didn&#39;t mention any harmful effect until the last 5 min), but still....
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