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Thread: Subservient Chicken

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    I searched Funny stuff and couldn't find any post on this but sorry if it has already been posted.

    Type "Die" and "Go Crazy" those are two of my favourites.

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    "drink beer"
    "cook yourself"-----didnt do anything
    "kick the tv" ------kicked the camera instead

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    ♥ 2:11 am More fun with the Subservient Chicken

    Here are some of the more fun things my friends and I have had him do:
    • hide behind the couch
    • throw the pillows
    • walk like an egyptian
    • do the macarena
    • work the runway
    • get drunk
    • play air guitar
    • act like a dog
    • breakdance
    • do the funky chicken
    • sing
    • fly
    • fight
    • cry
    • make me a sandwich
    • urinate
    • die
    • do ballet
    • turn on the tv
    • leave the room
    • have sex
    • roll on the floor
    • stop drop and roll
    • clap on clap off
    • scratch your crotch
    • look for money under the sofa cushions
    • do tai chi
    • do yoga
    • hop like a bunny
    • do YMCA
    • do the electric slide

    I have no idea what he is doing, but try just typing "television"

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    I told him "quick!! Hide behind the sofa! AAAAAAHH!!!" and he started panicking and running around before finally diving behind the couch. It was hilarious. (note: I'm still on the fence as to whether this is actually live or some sort of algorithm that plays pre-recorded clips.)

    Edit: now that I've been able to not have it disconnect all the time and have been able to do several things twice, it's definitely pre-recorded.

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    I told the chicken to:

    -pick your nose -jump up and down -do a cartwheel -show me your ass -take off your clothes -do pushups -take a dump -eat yourself -turn on the tv -turn off the lights -do yoga -throw pillows -do ballet -go fuck yourself -show me your ankle bracelet -look at the bookcase -take a nap -die -wave hi -do the chicken dance -do a split -stand on your head

    He's happily done them all.

    ...For when "your way" calls for an enslaved chicken, Burger King invites you to "have chicken your way" by offering you the newest in ads even veteran AdBusters won't want to bust: The Subservient Chicken. He "riverdances", he "throws pillows", he "builds forts" and he even takes "bonghits". He's technically a rooster, but let's not worry about that when we can tell him to "play air guitar", "moonwalk", or "grab crotch like michael jackson." The Subservient Chicken: more than a furry's dream come true, more than a timewaster for stoned college kids; this method of advertizing just begs to be copied like so many memes. Plus, you can tell him to "die".

    Will Do: poop | macarena | lol | fart | lay an egg | hokey pokey Will do, sort of: flip me off | masturbate | get funky | tear the place up Won't do: barf | hurtle the couch or jump over it | vacuum

    We have received this from Erik: "Show us your white meat" and "Show us your dark meat" are oddly disturbing. Also, he has a clapper (ask him to turn off the lights).

    We would just like to add that "oddly disturbing" describes pretty much everything that the Subservient Chicken does.

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    lol this is fun lol.

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    This is really weird. Very freaky. Imagine if someone out there is really doing this .

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    woh how does this work?
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    Links to all the behaviour commands

    The links don't work anymore, but I think the commands are all valid

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    it just kept wagging it's finger at me

    it’s an election with no Democrats, in one of the whitest states in the union, where rich candidates pay $35 for your votes. Or, as Republicans call it, their vision for the future.

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