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Thread: Cant View File

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    Okay i had k-lite but i t got deleted, do i followed one of the links and downloaded it again. well my problem is that when i go to view the pics it says it cant find that file, even though i can view it in the viewer and even in paint. the thing is is that all of the ones that have changed are all jpeg files. oh and when i search for a pic and download it the same thing happens. and i check and the file excists. :helpsmile: :helpsmile: :helpsmile:

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    that sounds like the love letter virus, or something simular. cause loveletter virus copies images filenames, adds .vbs to the extention, then sets the real files attributes to system and hidden.
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    hmmm dunno, but heres a link to a free NOD32 virus scanner too, just in case, it's not the full suite, but it's free and will scan your system and clean it for ya. You should really get some good AV protection if you aint got some.

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