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Thread: Allowing Certain Uploaders

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    Is there a way I can have a specific person get the file off of me? Im using BitTornado and I am seeding a new torrent. There is a guy that is almost done but I cant get the file to go to him so there will be another seed.
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    It doesn't matter if there is another seed on the torrent or not.

    What is important is how much of the file is shared amoung the peers.

    The best way to get the highest percentage of the file shared amoung peers is by using super-seeder mode. What that does is instead of just responding to the peers and sending them the part of the file they are requesting from you, it assigns them a part of the file and will olny seed that part of the file to them. The end result will be a faster seeding of the file because you are not sending the same part of the file out to differnt peers and number of times.

    You can get 100% of the file shared amoung the peers without creating another seed, which is in your best intrest because that seed could drop off the map. Let how BT works help you!


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