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Thread: Open Office

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    good ??

    wrth it or not ??

    can u open word documents on this ??

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    yes it is pretty good, it just takes a little adjusting to if you're used to MS office. In fact its level of similarity, but small differences to Office can be the most annoying thing. eg text boxes which personally I couldn't get the hang of, last time i used it,

    Its free so its definitely worth it

    yes u can open word,excel... etc documents

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    Agree. It is good. Similar to M$ Office. if you're used to Word u can work with open Office in no time.
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    Open Office is excellent, especially since it's free.
    It has all the capabilities of M$ Office, in my experience. My only problem with it was that it loaded too slow, but I haven't tried the new version (1.1.1).

    If you need a fully featured word processor with all the goodies, Open Office is for you.
    But, if you don't type that much and need more to open docs rather than type them, maybe something like Abiword is for you. It actually has a lot of features for such a small word processor.

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