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Thread: Opera Compatible?

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    Hi, I don't know if it is just my version of Opera needing a plug in or if its the website/forum, but I can't load the klite homepage ( and when i load up the "worlds" in klite forum I don't see all the stuff I do in IE (eg links to verified in a can, verified hashes, requests)
    Any ideas?

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    Are you logged in?
    You can see the verifieds only when you are logged in.

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    Well that one was easily sorted, still can't see the website tho.....

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    yea i had that try manualy typeing it in that worked for me when it happened tome. (opera 7 that was)

    might have to enable jave as well.

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    Cheers but that didn't work, I've got opera 7 (and java enabled). The title at the top of the page saying [KaZaA Lite - Downloads and Information] comes up for a while and then is in the title bar and it "completes request to remote host" but the page is completely blank.
    Anymore ideas???
    Ps have tried identifying as Opera and MSIE 6.0 but same result each time

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    Upgrade to 7.02. I use it and have no trouble viewing either the forum or the website.

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