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Thread: Question With Internet Explorer

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    My internet Explorer wont connect to the internet. I think one of my spyware removers removed something important in the folder so I tried to unistall Explorer and re install it BUT, when i try ti unistall the file named Internet Explorer Q824145, thats the only Internet thing I can unistal it says, Invalid INF file... What do I do i want IE back lol!

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    do you have windows xp? if u do then try doing a repair install of windows, it will set all your os files back to normal, which leaving ur software and downloads intact.

    or try out firefox. i also loved internet explorer, but firefox is a lot like it and i use both, not hard to get used it either its a great browser.

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    Most spyware removers will keep backups of what they delete.

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    See if the spyware removing software has backups and can "undo" its changes.
    Or download and install a later version of IE.
    Or use a better browser... just about anything really.

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    Lynx too.

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    Whats a better Browser?

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    ok Im just using Netscape and Mozilla now thanks..


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