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Thread: Sound Card Problems

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    Thanks alot for everyone's help so far. I've managed to get my pc working. (thats the k7s5a pro mobo, 1800+ processor, 256ddr, 32mb graphics with windows xp pro. But just one more problem.
    The quality of my onboard sound card is really poor even though it should be "3d and excellent". I have the latest drivers (i think) but still the volume wont go high and there's a scratching noise on the beat of any song. The sound card is xp compatable so what can be wrong?

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    *deleted* just read ur post properly :S

    Anyway the thing that cud be wrong is that u have an onboard soundcard, my recommendation is to buy a new pci 5.1 sound card as u can pick them up really cheap...

    e.g. about 15 off Novatech or Ebuyer

    Thats wot i wud do as these sound cards are cheap and good quality

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    It's an onboard sound card, (K7S5A pro mobo: C-media AC97) and the problem is that the sound quality is very poor (fuzzy beats) and volume wont go high at all.

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    As i sed i wud recommend buying 1 of the 5.1 sound cards from ebuyer or novatech as they are really cheap it wont really set u back much + it also has a better quality sound...

    Thats my opinion and what i wud do coz i think onboard stuff is usually shit.

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    I will be getting a new card but I've always used onboard sound and have had great resluts, also this is a new mobo so It should be better. Any suggestions how to fix the problem?

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    No sorry bud - all i can think of is the new card...

    U sure it aint nuffin 2 do with ur speakers? or the connections?

    I cud b a driver problem or a slight conflict, try updating the drivers or the software, see if that gives u any better results

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    You could try going to the makers Websight and seeing if they have any other drivers for you to upgrade,

    or try reinstalling your sound card with the orignal drivers (Best Bet) if you say they worked fine last time.

    Might be a silly question but "have you checked the volume dial on the sub"

    Or tried your speaker round your mates to see if they work ok, if the dont then you no your problem lies

    with your sound card.

    But if your getting a new one soon then why am i tring to help

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    I would check out all the connections, cables, twist around evry button in the amp and/or the speakers. Here in scandinavia humidity (i think thats the way to spell it), the "moisture" in the air is causin lotta trouble on connections and volume, tone, etc switches. Kind of a corrotion happening, condence water + oxygen.

    And of course, i would buy me a real soundcard, probably a SoundBlaster, and then cut off that intergrated shit from within the BIOS.

    It could be driver issue though. If the motherboard is new model, maybe it ain't got working drivers yet.
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    You can get an updated Audio Drivers from the motherboard website if they are available, find the correct update via mode support and use. You might even try updating the Bios, that too sometimes helps, usually contains patches/fixes for issues found after the release of the motherboard.
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    if the connections r all fine then are the speakers old?
    if they are or if theyre just cheap then maybe theyre shot.


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